Li 9 – Tears Fall In Autumn Lyrics

Tears Fall In Autumn Lyrics

Li 9


Ant Chamberlain, that\’s a hundred points

Whippin\’ it up in them pots Deltah

Feel that things ain\’t right if you ain\’t here
But I ain\’t surprised that you had left, knowin\’ shit ain\’t right just how I live
But I done spent the last couple years still tryna fight the way I feel
But I\’m just fightin\’ all these tears now, hopin\’ that they see when we runnin\’ with the income
I grew up sayin\’ \”Fuck 12\”, say no names, and hold your tongue
But the same niggas you do time for, ain\’t make no payments for your bond
Fifty-thousand in a see-through Louis bag, stacked on a eighth of Runtz
They\’ll probably still treat Kanye the same if he said he hated Trump
Watchin\’ one of yo\’ brother\’s mamas cryin\’, I know that ate at him
The city watchin\’ all the young niggas die, feel like my day gon\’ come
Walkin\’ off inside my mama house, boy out \’till 8 AM
She know this shit done took over my life, but I\’m her baby still
I call Don he let off shots, and he don\’t shoot below the knees
And he don\’t ever speak on none of his thoughts, so they don\’t know his needs
Findin\’ rocks outside my grandma house, sold it to the older g\’s
And I ain\’t never had no role model who could play the role of peace
Carbons out, they know it\’s me, I been still in motion, tryna focus, I can\’t roll in peace
Finally found them things, I\’m twenty-two, turned about four of these
Dreams of missin\’ kids, one in the head whenever I go to sleep, yeah

Grew up \’round the robbers
The same niggas I tried to bring up with me turned to robbers
And when the fuck they started comin\’ to me with all their problems
And they say it\’s hard to sleep, shit, it\’s hard to sleep when you at the bottom, I saw tears fall in autumn
Spend no need to feel my songs if you don\’t know how it is
I\’m a hood legend to all the young niggas who don\’t know how to live
You probably bottle up yo\’ problems, yeah, I know how that feel
You kept it solid, yeah, I know how that feel, yeah

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