Lancey Foux – Fun Lyrics

Fun Lyrics

Lancey Foux

Had to stop to see how far I came
A lot done changed except my name
Just a kiss from a rose
I got you watchin\’ a myth unfold
Who knew I\’d ever take it this far? Yeah
Who knew I\’d ever make it to the stars? Yeah
I\’m takin\’ my sip real slow
I\’m tryna live in the moment
I can\’t belive it\’s been this long
Bare feet, walkin\’ on sticks and stones
This year I\’m just tryna put it on
Six years ago, I would\’ve robbed you for your dough
Six years ago, I didn\’t think I had no hope
I had four grams and a shank inside my coat
I been myself, my hood\’ll let you know
Leomie never left, I bet she\’ll let you know
Had a trap line, now it\’s Kanye on the phone
Ladbrooke Grove, I\’m a college dropout, woah
Used to put my keys on the table, teacher knew I drove
Me and C tryna make a million off the road
Lil\’ D my brother, can\’t break the code
LC my brother for life, can\’t break the code
Said lil\’ Steve my brother for live, can\’t break the code
You know T and all of my guys won\’t break the code
Tell my sister I love her, my nieces get anything that they want
Lil\’ Nathan and Ethan, Wania can get anything they want
I should\’ve been mad at my dad, but my heart ain\’t colder
How\’d I meet me brother when he was four years old?
I didn\’t get why you went undercover, I just didn\’t know

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