Lancey Foux – Bakkseat Lyrics

Bakkseat Lyrics

Lancey Foux

Ha, phew, ha, chyeah (Uh)
Ha, uh, ha, whoo
Ha, chyeah, ha, hey (Chyeah)

Ain\’t gonna lie
Ain\’t gonna lie, who the fuck have these niggas been talkin\’ to?
You best straighten yourself when I\’m walkin\’ through
I don\’t do tomfoolery, hop out the coupe with all of my jewelry
Count up the paper like someone suing me
South of Jamaica, I\’m headin\’ to Cuba
Big boy whip, just how I maneuver
Back of the Cullinan, takin\’ my shoes off
You get me? I\’m on a bruiser
I\’ve got two packs so I\’m gettin\’ my juice up
I was just runnin\’ and hoppin\’ the fence
I could nevеr repent, I might sin \’til I\’m dead
I was just spazzin\’, got monеy, got baddies
Henry the Eighth, I\’ll off with your head
I was just— (Phew)
I was just goin\’ in, spazzin\’ again
Walkin\’ in blood, I left them dead
Louis Vuitton, it\’s Virgil sent
Mercedes up, I need a puple Ben
Roberto Cavalli, Italian friend
I\’m goin\’ tsunami, the Range wet
I\’m switchin\’ my swag again (Chyeah)
I\’m switchin\’ my swag again (Whoo)
I\’m switchin\’ my swag again (Let\’s go)
I\’m switchin\’ my swag again (Hey, my swag)
I\’m switchin\’ my swag again (Switchin\’ my swag)

Whew, huh, ha, chyeah, ha, whew
Ha, whoo, ha, chyeah, ha, uh-huh
Ha, yeah, chyeah
Uh (Yeah), ooh-uh (Ooh)
Ooh-uh (Yeah), ooh-uh (Whoo)
Ooh-uh (Chyeah), ooh-uh (Uh-huh)
Ooh-uh (Sex), ooh-uh (Yeah), ooh (Ooh)

Back to— (Whew), back to— (Yeah)
Back to business (Chyeah), I had to start ignition (Whew)
I had to resume the mission (Yeah), I had to resume the game
I\’m checkin\’ the scoreboard, I\’m still winnin\’, I weren\’t even playin\’ (Shine)
I\’m havin\’ a dinner with my killers, we on a stake (Woo)
We lookin\’ for— (Whew, woo), we lookin\’ for— (Woo, chyeah)
We lookin\’ for my man, we lookin\’ for smoke (Whew)
Woo, woo (Huh), chyeah
Think I care \’bout this ting, posted with demons, the day of my christening
And my main tryna get rich off the beef ting
Kick up a man like Michael Bisping (Chyeah)
Went out today, got hit this evening
Tore man\’s eye, it hit the ceiling (Come on)
Got him fucked up, must have popped an X pill (Yeah)
Must of had sex (Sex), must of fucked a baddie (Chyeah)
Must of fucked a bad B (Woo), must of fucked a baddie (Woo)
Must of hit a ten-ten (Let\’s go), must of hit a dime (Uh, dime)
Fuck up the beat \’til it bends, yeah, that\’s how I spent my time (My time, my time)

Yeah, ha, whew, ha (Ha), ooh
Ha (Ha), Ooh, ha (Ha), chyeah
Ha (Hit the score), ha, chyeah

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