Kshordy – Movie Lyrics

Movie Lyrics

\”Hey bro, check this out. You seen this?\”
\”No, what that is?\”
\”Man, the nigga Kshordy hollering about he KuKuK, man. Dude ass tripping. Go see what\’s up.\”
\”Shit, I\’m finna call him right now.\”
*phone rings*
\”…boy, you tripping, I hit that hoe ass yesterday. Hold on gang, let me take this. Hello?\”
\”Hey boy, what you on adding that K behind that shit? Boy, don\’t get your ass hit.\”
\”Haha, say what? You ain\’t even like that, boy.\”
\”Yeah, alright. I seen your mama yesterday; I should have pushed her whole shit back.\”
\”Oh yeah? I\’m down to skid for your mama\’s shit right now, nigga. Meet me there.\”

All these niggas be calling my phone, keep trying to beef
Alright bet, all these niggas I smoke are the ones I put to sleep
Nigga you tripping, boy I donе ripped niggas too, who the fuck you \’posed to bе?
Claim you blicking, a nigga just flipped your dog, but a nigga want smoke with me?
Alright bet, let me go grab that TEC, better go grab your set
Go to your hood, soon as you think shit good, watch your whole block get wet
Soon as I do it, he going to get put in this \’wood, bet the whole block get stretched
Tell him he good, soon as he get to the hood, I\’m going to send blocks to his neck
Call up Jake, tell him go grab that Drac\’, tell him go grab that safe
Shit get real, if I got to drop that bag, Crack going to come where you stay
Call up Will, tell him go get in that field, me and JakeJhit on the way
Pop me a pill, I\’m going to kill all them niggas, told KennyK, \”just wait\”
Smoking on what? Fuckboy, smoking on who? Nigga better not say 8
RIP two niggas, I\’m going to get another nigga too, none of these niggas ain\’t safe
Hit two victims, I don\’t give a fuck about shit, shouldn\’t never been in the way
Get in that system? Fuckboy, I\’m pleading the Fifth, I ain\’t got nothing to say
Grab that MAC, Ko go grab that splat, I\’m going to go grab that \’lac
Brand new whip, I bought a brand new clip, I\’m trying to catch me a hat
Bought me a zip, watch how I hop in this gear, I\’ma go make me a pack
Me and my niggas pulling up letting off triggers right where the fuck niggas at
It\’s getting late, let him know we on the way, he better be where he say
I got his lo\’, I was just fucking the hoe, fucked around and found where he stay
Shit is so crazy, here go the nigga right here, posted outside with a Drac\’
Don\’t even know, that shit ain\’t saving his life, he getting shot in the face
Just keep going, niggas be playing off-point, whole time niggas be knowing
Shit is so crazy, I\’m finna catch me a hat, body count just keep going
He was just talking, now it\’s going to get him a coffin, niggas don\’t even be knowing
Aim for his head, he going to get hit with that lead, watch how I still keep blowing
This is how it went: four niggas riding with tint trying to blow shit like a vent
Two cars deep, 24 really that driver, watch how the block get bent
Stop right here, it was just me and LaCrack, he standing right by the fence
Creep from the back, he going to get hit with this MAC, I\’ma slam dunk like Vince
We keep it slow, had to tell Crack, \”get low,\” nigga said, \”fuck, where the \’fro?\”
We getting close, nigga ain\’t even on point, pussy ass nigga don\’t know
\”Crack, you ready?\” \”Nigga, what the fuck you think?\” \”Shit, I just wanted to know\”
I start shooting, first couple shots we missed, fuckboy was ducking his \’fro
Now it\’s a chase, glad I ain\’t try to bring Jake, we finna get on his lace
Gang too slow, he got the Glock out the window trying to put shots in his face
Why he done tripped? And he got hit in the hip, I\’m finna take off his lace
Run up, I\’m blicking, my trigger finger ain\’t slipping, buddy got hit with that Drac\’

\”Uh-huh. Nigga, wolf that shit now, nigga. All that shit you was talking, boy, you thought I was playing, nigga? Huh? Fuck nigga.\”
\”C\’mon Crack, let\’s go, let\’s go, let\’s go\”
*tires skid*

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