Kooga – Monkey got shoe Lyrics


(Buckle, my shoe)

One, Two, Buckle my shoe
Three, Four, Buckle some more
Five, Six, Nike kicks
Seven, Eight, Silly face

They wanna be me, what the hell
They wanna race me, am fast as hell, yuh
Got the monkeys on my mind
I think am gonna get cracked up tonight, yuh

Buckle, my shoe
(Buckle, my shoe)
I\’m better, than you
(I\’m better, than you)

Monkey got da drip
He got da speaker shoes
Playing silly songs
Dancing and spinning all the time, yuh

I got the monkеys on my mind, yuh
Wearing Prada and the kicks
Unmatched drip, mothеrfuckin bitch
You wish that you had as much style as that monkey

(Buckle, my shoe)
(I\’m better, than you)

(I got the raygun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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