Knowchrxs – Like me Lyrics

Like me Lyrics

(Maybe you\’re right, Kali)

Mmm (mm, mm)
No you can\’t come back to me, baby
I know it\’s not what it seem (I know)
Nun you say is what you mean
You don\’t know shit, you don\’t see what I see
Paranoid, gotta stay with a beam
You don\’t mean shit when a 4 in the lean
You don\’t mean shit when I band my green
Wanna love so bad, you don\’t know what that means

You is not gang, you not the team
Call up my shooters, call up marines
Hall of fame tracks, young nigga 14
1-3 racks for the Number (N)ine jeans
It\’s not my fault you wan\’ fuck with these niggas that hate theyself just to be like me
(nah nah)
It\’s not my fault you wan\’ fuck with these

Lil\’ ARP kick like Lee (ARP kick like Lee)
Niggas can\’t be like me, oh no
Why you doin\’ too much? It\’s no \”we\”
Nigga walkin\’ like me, talkin\’ like mе
Half a band on the kit, came with the bеam
Choppa don\’t talk, chop like to sing
She on my phone, \”Chris, what would we be?\”
Copy my shit, he get seen like me

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