King $ly – Long Gone Lyrics

King $ly

1: King $ly
I made an oath to myself
And I been great can\’t you tell?
We rolling deep no Adele
Just on the chase for the wealth
Might need to pack and move
Cause ain\’t no looking back for you
I just need some latitude
Some space we land on Saturn too
My saddest days don\’t never come around no more
It\’s like I\’m really floating
Ion touch the ground no more
I been indecisive
Ion know my sound no more
It\’s like a tidal wave
I ain\’t tryna drown no more
And I just need a taste of energy
Know I got a plan
What\’s a chef without a recipe?
Don\’t misunderstand
We can\’t kick it
You ain\’t next to me
Never picking sides
I can\’t wear my feelings on my sleeves
You\’d be blessed to see
Blessed to see we make it to another new year
I hold my pen like its a brush
And I been painting a mural
It\’s like I\’m stingy with my art
Don\’t touch my green
Conversations with the stars
Yeah imma touch my dreams

Hook: King $ly
Ain\’t no point in waiting
I been long long gone
I know imma make it
Cause I\’m going on strong
If see it imma take it
Then I\’m long long gone
I been long long gone

2: Teddy Rogers
Taking off
For I left her crib she had them panties off
Having withdrawals
Tryna make a way
My heart heavy when I\’m round y\’all
Staying up today
Cause I can not sleep around y\’all
I know who be praying on my downfall
But by the time I make it
I\’m long gone and famous
And by the time I\’m famous
You\’d be all ran out of favors
And if I push the presence of my pen pon any man that ponder pon it
Cut it quick take his chips and leave him wondering what\’s happening
And by the time you realize
I chastised kicked drum ya bass and any lines written on it
I\’ll be long long gone
Let the heavens ring on Elohim instrumental where I bleed
But yeen tryna hear reverend T preach
Man I been tired of waiting
Sick and tired and I\’m bout to get fired
No I haven\’t cried but 2020 V kept me alive
If I thrive off these riddles
I can rest my head on pillows and smile more just a little
Shit id be alright
If I make it through the night
I\’m leaving bright and early please do not hit my line
But fore I hit road and leave for life
Lil shorty eat up my
Through my shorts lets keep it light I\’m outta sight

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