Kendell Smith – FYE Lyrics

FYE Lyrics

Kendell Smith

This that dat fye (5x)
That’s finna blow a nigga mind (5x)
Right into the fucking sky (5x)

I’m on a mission nigga
I fell in love with the riches nigga
All of my shit got extensions nigga

None of these rap niggas
Feel like a threat to Kenny
None of these niggas can touch me
Coming to fuck with the city
Fuck with the industry
Show them the hottest in the whole vicinity
Turnin me up cause they fuck with my energy
I hopped the gate and they gave me a felony
Walk into Saks the next day and dropped sеventy

Like fuck it
Up it
Blowing money man I feel likе a Buffett
Walked in Saks and spent 100 no bluffing

If she hungry put my dick in her stomach
Diarrhea clip my shit really dumpin

Pump it
Finna turn this goofy right to a puppet

If he smart he really wouldn’t say nothing
I’ll obliterate him with the Notes App
If he talking hot, we bring the scope back
That’s hot line better go back
You should know that
I’m in the booth goin super saiyan
Tryna see what these labels and rappers is really saying

If he run then he better not trip
If he do, tI put dick in his chick
Word to Post boy I’m breaking her ribs
Put that pussy right into a spilff

(Smoke sound)

Damn that shit got a kick
They seeing me tour and it’s making em sick
Think I’m bout to run outta space on my dick

We ain\’t talking money then what is we talking bout
He a weenie we def gotta weed him out
I got Philly cause I think they need me now
Can’t see haters bitch I took Stevie route


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