Kaso The Space Wizard – Black Sheep Lyrics

Kaso The Space Wizard

“Kasos on the roster”
“Do do not give him problems”
When I pull up
See me staring at the water
I can hear hear em talking
But they using caution
They know I don’t play
Twin blades get to sparking
Getting lit too often
Higher than the stars been
Chiefing on an O-pen
I’m not smoking on no rosin
I been way too paranoid
But still nobody’s crossing
Demons they be flocking
My family thinks I’m on shit

Smoking with Jovan
And we be Choking on some chronic
Max out my HP and
Now I’m higher than a comet
You might be a Contact
But You lacking the content
If you ask me
They be focused On the wrong shit

You love taking losses
Iced out all my crosses
I just sit and say shit
While you writing
For your bossеs
Wrote another versе
And then you fax it
To an office
I won’t sign a deal
Because I think
That shit is nonsense
All the Fuckin
Beats I killed
Are weighing on my conscience
Wonder why my family
Disowned me cuz I’m godless
I’m staying Satanic
Till the reaper comes upon us
Wonder why these motherfuckers
Think that they beyond us

Pull up when I’m Off the grid
Shit is donda
Pull up like “What’s up bitch”
The reaper is upon ya
I don’t fuck with bitches
Cuz I do not want the the drama
Say he’s dropping music
But it’s ruining the genre
Said they shoulda watched me
Now I’m outta pocket
He don’t wanna cross me
Because I brought a rocket
Treat her like you love her
I treat her like an object
I ain’t talking all women
Nah bro stop it
They say “you don’t sell well
Why you even talking”
Knowing damn well
That I’m realer with no profit
He don’t have a repeat
On his whole project
Bury me with CDs
In my own coffin
I see em in 3d
Silhouettes stalking
And and they seem to wonder
Why I’m getting lit often
Take another hit
Got the weed smoke sparking
Said I gotta make it
Cuz I got no other option

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