Kanye West – We Did It Kid (Fivio Foreign & Fat Money Reference) Lyrics

We Did It Kid (Fivio Foreign & Fat Money Reference) Lyrics

Kanye West
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: Kanye West &
Fat Money

…we here

Hands up, Vs up for my man
For Abloh, Rest In Peace to my man

I seen the feet prints in the sand
We done everything that we planned

: Quavo &

Huncho, I shitted it big, you did it, kid, you did it, kid (We did it)
Like a nigga just got potty trained
Hourglass, how her body came (Yeah)
Chop \’em down, with the what-it-name (Grrah)
Know what I’m sayin\’? I\’m tellin ‘ya
Pushin’ P, Bill Bellamy (P)
Bitch ridin\’ with a felony

See the jealousy
The struggle made me a better me (Struggle)
Why you talkin\’, is you payin\’ me?
Lamborghini coated candy (Skrrt)
If I fuck her, she gon\’ havе the baby
I\’m the plan A, and the plan B (Hеy)
Quarter million to the nannies (Go)
I\’m the head of the family (Hey)

My momma had to cry for this
My gang had to slide for this (Slide)

Pistol Pete had to die for this (Die)
Doin\’ time through the wire for this (Hey)

Fresh out the bricks to a brick (Brick)
We steppin’ outside with the shit (Outside)
Hannah Montana with grits (Hannah)
That honey bun gon’ make \’em blitz (Grah)

I’m up, I\’m rich, look at my bitch, she fine and rich (Look)
Studied the game and I find the glitch
Hustla\’, I got a mind like Mitch (Hey)
He not poppin\’, he kinda lit
He not wealthy, he kinda rich (Kinda)

Nigga ain’t trippin\’, just signed this shit
Hunnid mill\’, we\’ll split (Split it)
If it\’s fifty mill\’, we\’ll split
If it\’s two in one, they\’ll split (Split)
Three bitch split a G6
These platinum plaques ain\’t nothin\’
I stand over \’em take a piss

I stand over and take a shit (Hey)
This a hunnid thousand on the wrist (Hunnid)
Get the money, never politic
Floor seats, Atlanta versus the Knicks

Young nigga with the birds, Kyle Pitts (Brr)
In the \’adium, \’Cedes Benz (Yeah)
Kid gon\’ play with \’em, he got friends
He know Migo dem, knock off limbs
Yeah, we did it, kid, to the M\’s
Ridin\’ Presidential with the rims (Skrrt)

Helpin\’ Ye find Kim in the black double M Benz (Maybach)
No new friends, Nobu with my twins (Nobu)

Remember we kicked that door down because they didn\’t let us in (Woo)
Born to win, I committed a sin with a see-through lens (See-through)
I filled up all my pockets, now you get a pocket to pick

Thank God I\’m alive and rich (Alive)
No lie, I survived the trench
Pay my tithe, livin\’ marvelous (Tithes)
That\’s the reason I don\’t talk of this (Hey)

Hand-built it like a carpenter did it
Shootin\’ bullets out the cars for this (Grrah)
Tattoos and the scars for this (Tats)
\’Member when we used to borrow fits (Hey)

: Fivio Foreign
Never get lit again (Never get lit again)
It hit me, it give me adrenaline (It do)
The demons are making me sin again (They are)
They trying to change how I am livin\’ it (Nah)
Take too much money to get rid of him (Woo)
We did it kid, we did it, huh (We did it)
I like my bitches submissive…

I want everything that I want (Yeah)
I\’m with Elon Musk eatin\’ lunch
I want a new crib and a PlayStation
I can put my rocket in the front
I need my…

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