Kanye West – Mr. Miyagi (JAYLIEN Reference) Lyrics

Mr. Miyagi (JAYLIEN Reference) Lyrics

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: Future
Yeah, yeah
What up
What up
Yeah, yeah
What up
Yeah, yeah


Ready up my dude
In the mornin\’ makin\’ moves

: Kanye West &

Hey, miss, I\’m your Mr. Miyagi (Yeah, Mr. Miyagi)
I\’ma come and kick it in the Balenciagi\’ (-ciagi\’)
Don\’t text me in the mornin\’, bae, I\’m groggy (I\’m groggy,
Text me, no FaceTime, I\’m too groggy (Too groggy)

Post-: Future
Yeah-yeah, if I dig in my bag, it\’s an M (Yeah, yeah)
\’Bout to put a lil\’ bitch on a film (Yeah, yeah)
I done took off in air, I can\’t see him (Yeah, yeah)
Bound to geekin\’ before the codeine (Yeah, yeah)
Know the chiеf, I\’m ahead of my time (Yeah, yеah)
Got Chanel coat and then bought a nine (Yeah, yeah)
Keepin\’ up with me, one of a kind (Yeah, yeah)
Keep it real with me, no need for lyin\’

(Run the summer again)
Run the summer again (Summer again)
Change the number again (Change the number again)
They be callin\’ your friends (Callin\’ your friends)
Switched the number again (Number again)
How much…

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