Just Jay – Revolt Lyrics

Revolt Lyrics

Just Jay
1 :

Writing down words this ain\’t my Last time
I hope they age well like some Fine wine
I feel down and desperate on the Inside
It\’s like my power gone the Downside
Down is the ground so I look Upside
Cloudy in my mind so I live Outside
My dad\’s car is broken and it\’s a tough ride
Those devils on my way no they can\’t Can\’t hide
I keep my Eyes wide and I have some wide eyes
All day rolling to the Long night
I practice academy like I\’m All might
And I think onе for all flame May ignite
(Let it ignitе , shit , let it ignite )
Fuck one song, I need to make a sequel
Let corruption burn by the rights of the people
This ain\’t a fairy tale I think here wins the evil
Evidence is that you see the nation free falls
An earthquake just hit Syria
Hysteria like malaria spreading in the area
Catastrophe\’s Criteria is on defaults
Don\’t come at me like it\’s their fault
This ain\’t no politics or armed assault
That\’s of Results of God Revolt

(At this point, I just feel like god hates us
3 tremors in a day 10 years of civil war
Add to that people nowadays are unable to buy food for their families )

2 :

What else to say , what else I\’m missing
The reason for treasons, religion based division
I\’m fully hip-hop a hundred on the mission
That priest with a Gucci I think he takes commissions
He\’ll get you to heaven , after you starve to death
He\’ll preach you on giving away ,your last breath
No matter which religion they\’re all a façade
I\’d rather getting fucked than confessing my bads
Sounds kinda sad but it\’s the reality, ego based brutality
I don\’t want immortality, I think it\’s kinda wrong morally
Happily ever after sounds like toy story
I was raised on blood so I\’m living for the glory
So you see me sit in my inventory
Sixty heads nodding , teaching like Montessori
Rapping to fix , I\’m tapped in so quick
I got the rhyme book so my rhymes sounds sick
I tick like the clock , shoot like a Glock
I open these notes with my finger I jot
The one and only JJ kinda like Jah

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