Juno Songs – Death Toll WITH LYRICS Lyrics

Death Toll WITH LYRICS Lyrics

, Beezle.

Thank you for returning this one to me
I must thank you properly
It\’s simply manners, see

It would be a shame
If your good deeds were in vain
So would you please give me your name?

(Don\’t run, young one)
I don\’t understand what you mean
Your Shiny Bronzong\’s not green
It\’s cry sounds more like a scream

(Stay for your reward!)
There\’s something wrong with this place
Why would a gentleman not show his face?

I gotta get back to the surface now!
(My, my…)

Why hesitate, dear child?
All that I ask
Is who you are, that I may show appreciation

What\’s with this deafening knell?
What are you masking with a Bronzong
Screeching like an aberration?

Thеre\’s no need to fear, you see
Your kindness truly hеlps me
Worry not, I merely wish
To give you what you\’re justly due

(So give me your name
I\’ll thank you)

If you want to challenge me to battle
That\’s just fine
But I don\’t have the time
For prizes that require legal bind!

Come, now don\’t be shy
It\’s just good manners
A courtesy in where I hail from

(I\’m just not sure)

If I should give my contact information
To strangers; don\’t know what\’ll become
(Just sign on this line)

I can\’t take an Alias
I can\’t take a nickname
Quick now, don\’t delay
I\’m a very busy man, so come and claim

(Of me should things turn out awry)

I must decline, I\’m sorry, mister
Mom told me be careful
And I think I should be
(What I offer you)

Something\’s clenching \’round my very soul!
(For your kind soul)

I can\’t imagine why a Gentleman would pry
Around a place like this
I can\’t seem to think straight
With that bell\’s piercing cry
Something\’s amiss

(Time\’s ticking down)
If there\’s trouble
I know I can rely on my team

(Hear the sound of that toll)
All\’s not what it seems
So I gotta stay keen

Did you think
I was talking to you, dear girl?

(What can one girl even do
When facing down impending doom
Against a problem I can\’t solve
With Moves and Types and Poké Balls)

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