Juan Ketchum – MAGiC Lyrics

MAGiC Lyrics

Juan Ketchum
Yuh. What it is? What it be?
On the beat getting sick like disease, yeah yeah uh
What it is? What it be? Doin\’ sorcery
All your shorties lookin\’ pretty bored to me
Yeah I got the super awesome laptop
Watching Shake It Up in the forest with a sasquatch
I\’ma check my dad\’s watch, it\’s 1:34
Everybody think they know me but they never knew the lore, nothing that they knew before
Me and the boys doin\’ magic and that\’s it
A wizard with the wand that\’s heating up like a match stick
If that don\’t keep \’em off I\’m throwin\’ hands, I can jab quick
Don\’t need to play quidditch to catch a snitch without practice, uh
Iced out spittin\’ elemental flames
I\’m electric on the beat, zappin\’ knowledge in your brains
I been stackin up the paper, you and I are not the same
I\’ma roll up with a golem made of iron from the cave, what!
Good God! just how long has Juan been on it? All these
Hood thots, I don\’t want \’em if I\’m honest
If I see you with a girl then I know that she had to settle
Call me Generator Rex cause I\’m never without the metal, yeah!
And don\’t forget that I beat up lil\’ kids
If they beat me in Smash on my Nintendo Switch, oh my god, uh!
I\’m the best that there is
Only hang out with girls that I intend to kiss, what?!
Woah! That\’s a lie, I\’m not like that
Watchin\’ Barney all the time on my iPad
Had to give the patient medicine
Got the wrong kind but it\’s fine that he died, told him \”my bad\”!

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