Jotsukemen – Flying in the Blue (ft. Baby Tumble) Lyrics

Flying in the Blue (ft. Baby Tumble) Lyrics

I\’m gonna hop on this goofy ass beat
I’m gonna make a whole bonfire with this heat
I walk on the green
Red-shirt like tiger
Held out a year still buy a
Kaiser, Pfisher, Jacoby and Meyer
And I\’m still killing this beat like I\’m Uzi
Blue the way the rain attracts
Evaporate, condense, then attack

Throwing a tantrum in this house
Sneak around Tom and Jerry I am that mouse
I say what I want and get it
Some say I’m like Melo the way I hog this shit
Flying on Jet Blue
This is my crew
Landed in Vegas
They stole my shoe
They likе come and take it
I don\’t appraise it
RIP to old man
I feel likе a pawn in this bitch
Men love for ages and still snitch
There is no bar I already raised it
With an unintangible itch
Passion, passion, passion
Mister mister will you please sir
Ration off a piece of this beat for the king sir
Please sir all your bars need to be nicer
Donate to some charity and become a better benefactor
They tell me ill end up like king peter
Except when I bank I take up the tenner

Soon the red alarm go off
The whole place scatters
The beat so ill
The heat go chill
Bard of Avon rhyme an a with a b
So Tsuke could rhyme an a like ac
That\’s collateral
That\’s it pick up the adderal
A simple farm worker tilled
So Tsuke could rhyme about tetherball
Not really a rhyme but if you read through the lines
The signs will point to the correct time in the right place
Jack or ace
Slammed the cards down the whole room shook
Bam like Zard on the keyboard
RIP to Izumi better show face
Before they blast a metal in the same place
Chest compressions ongoing
Drip drip blood started flowing
Blow the candle out before you say night night

I couldn\’t stand there and not take a fight
Everybody wanna life but I can\’t height
Life or death situation
Best believe I made him another patient
Don\’t count the days make the days count
Probably said that when I jumped on his shit
Blue tux black pants and hat just for cucks
Anger filled me as I planted it in
Life or death call on me when you in a calamity

Man dies for sin
Another locked up in the tin
Media say the vaccine
If only it was a tag team

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