Jordan Simons – Hunches in Bunches Lyrics

Hunches in Bunches Lyrics
Jordan Simons

Yo, this is
Hunches in Bunches
, written by Dr. Seuss, and I\’m gonna rap this book

Yeah, do you ever sit and fidget when you don\’t know what to do?
Everybody gets the fidgets; even me and even you
And today was quite an awful day for me and my poor pup
My trouble was I had a mind, but I couldn\’t make it up
It\’s awfully awfully awful when you can\’t make up your mind
Do you want to kick a football or sit there on your behind?
Do you want to go out skating, fly a kite, or climb a tree?
Do you want to eat a pizza, take a bath, or watch TV?
Oh, you get so many hunches that you don\’t know ever quite
If the right hunch is a wrong hunch, then the wrong hunch must be right

There I was, inside the house so fuddled up I could shout
When I got a hunch, a Happy Hunch, that I shouldn\’t be in, but out
But before I could follow that Happy Hunch, q voice snapped, don\’t you dare
And a Real Tough Hunch informed me, you\’re not going anywhere
There is homework to be done, Bub, sit your pants down on that chair (There is homework to be done, Bub, sit your pants down on that chair)

And so I did, I sat me down, but as soon as I got sat
A Better Hunch came and he yanked off the Homework Hunch\’s hat
The Better Hunch said, we\’ll head downtown, and we\’ll pick up your good friend James
And together, we\’ll trot to some real cool spot, and we\’ll play a few video games
So, of course, that\’s what I started to do, but a Sour Hunch came to spoil it
You\’re bicycle\’s rusting up, he yapped, get yourself back out and oil it

By now, my mind was so mixed up, I really didn\’t know
If I wanted to go to the Barber Shop or to Boise, Idaho
Then a Very Odd Hunch upset me when he asked me loud and clear
Do you think it might be helpful if you went to the bathroom, dear?

Before I could answer him, a new voice interrupted
That mind of yours, I heard him say, is frightfully ga-fluppted
You mind is murky-mooshy, will you make it up, or won\’t you?
If you won\’t, you are a wonter; do you understand, or don\’t you?
If you don\’t, you are a donter; you\’re a canter if you can\’t
I would really like to help you, but I\’m hopeless, so I shan\’t

Then a Spookish Hunch suggested: I go 4 ways all at once
But I didn\’t fall for that one; I am not that dumb a dunce
I knew where I would end up if I tried a thing like that
Most likely on some dead-end road in West Gee-Hossa-Flat
I was much too smart for that 4-Way Hunch; but the next thing that I knew
I was following a Nowhere Hunch, a real dumb thing to do
Everybody sometimes does it; even me and even you
I followed him in circles \’til we wore that rug right through

And then I heard an Up Hunch laugh, you are a stupid schlupp
The way to go is not around, the way to go is up
That seemed to make a lot of sense; I even took my chair
I just knew I\’d make my mind up if I had some high fresh air
But the Up Hunch I had followed was a phooey and a fake
Way up top I met a Down Hunch and he sighed, for goodness sake
You should never trust an Up Hunch; you have made a big mistake (You should never trust an Up Hunch; you have made a big mistake)

Then things got really out of hand; wild hunches and big bunches
Were scrapping all around me throwing crunchy hunchy punches
And some Super Hunch was yelling, make your mind up, get it done
Only you can make your mind up; you\’re the one and only one (I\’m done)

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