Jordan Simons – Dr. Seuss's Book of Animals Lyrics

Jordan Simons

Yo, this is
Dr. Seuss\’s Book of Animals
, (Surfur), and I\’m gonna rap this book

We see animals all around
In the sky and on the ground
We see a dog, we see a cat
We see a fish, thin and fat
Horse, cow, pig, goat
Even a crow in a hat and coat
We see birds, and we see bees
And we see turtles up in trees

An animal with 2 feet, an animal with 4
An animal with 8 feet, an animal with more
Some have big teeth, some have small
And some do not have teeth at all
This one has feathers, this one has fuzz
This one is a Yuzz-a-ma-Tuzz

Some animals are shaggy
Some animals are waggy
Yeah, some are even ziggy-zaggy
This one has stripes; this one has spots
This one has horns; this one has knots
Some live inside; somе live out
Some like to smilе; some like to pout
This one works hard; this one is lazy
This one\’s mother is called Mayzie

Some sleep in beds; some sleep in nests
Some are called pets; some are called pests
Bear and donkey, lion and snail
Mouse and monkey, rabbit and whale

Every day, from here to there
Animals are everywhere

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