Jordan Hollow – Forbidden Fruit Lyrics

Forbidden Fruit Lyrics

: Jordan Hollow
Can\’t get your face right out my mind cuz it\’s so enticing
Delicious glowing skin, it tastes so sweet like fine-dine icing
I must refrain from giving in to all my primal instincts
Don\’t want the 5-0 all behind me, the whole god damn precinct
So, I\’m taking my time and I\’m planning my route
Gripping my knife and I\’m waiting for you
Walking outside, you show up, arrive
I grab you and dive in my Coop
Doing 120 on the freeway, gotta get home then put one and two together
Rips going on the fabric of her gray sweater
Get the blood off the seats while the neck is severed
I be bouncing up and down, sound of sirens all around
Check the T.V., yeah, you\’ll see me
I\’m on screens across the town
Spiked my tires, I\’m slipping, I\’m slipping up
Foot to the floor, I be speeding up, speeding up
Glock to my head, finish police pursuit
All of it\’s worth it for bites of forbidden fruit

: Reporter 1 &
Reporter 2

Three hour long police pursuit

That chase featured wild and dangerous driving and in the passenger seat the whole time, a woman the suspect is accused of attacking

Police confirmed that the suspect is in custody. They also confirmed that the woman who was the victim of that, uh, attack is out of the hospital and they are in the process of trying to locate her so they can interview her

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