JMCEE – Just Ask Google (c. 2019) Lyrics

Just Ask Google (c. 2019) Lyrics

1: JMCEE 1 and (JMCEE 2)
I love reading
I love learning things on Paper!
(Paper mate?)
Wait, who are you?

2: JMCEE 2
Hey mate
Im your fate
Looking at books?
Mate, come on
Were at the modern generation. Uh
This is our nation, yah
And now we have something called GOOGLE, mate

Just ask, …just ask google
Just ask, …just ask google

1: JMCEE 1 and (JMCEE 2)
Whats 1+1? (Ask google mate)
Whats the meaning of life (Google it mate)
I need severe help with homework! (Ask Google, you little jerk)

Why dont you…. Just ask…
Just ask,…just ask google
Just ask, …ask googlе
Just ask… Yeah! Yeah! Yeahhh!!!

2: JMCEE 1 and (JMCEE 2)
2+2 (Why not ask googlе?)
Meaning of life? (Just Ask google)
52 reasons to not go to school?
(Just ask google mate!)

Just, google it!
(Just ask) Just, Google It!
Just ask… Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooglelele— (Yeah! Yeah! Yeahhh!!!)
Just, google it
Just, google it
Mate, just gooooooogle it!!!

3: JMCEE 1 and (JMCEE 2)
Is england a city? Ask google mate
3.14 what? Ask google mate
987×7363?….. GOOGLE IT!

2: JMCEE 3
Just, google it…..
Just, google it…..
(Ready for that drop mate?)
Just, google it
Just, google it
Just, google it
Just, google it

4: JMCEE 1 and (JMCEE 2)
E to the i pi? (Google it)
I have depression? (Google it)
Is it every day though? (Bro, just google it)
What the hell does pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis mean? (JUST ASK GOOGLE)

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