Jeremiah Watts – Hate it or love it Lyrics

Jeremiah Watts

1: (Jeremiah Watts)
Tell me lord can u understand my pain
Some niggas will go to school for 12 years and not learn a thing
It’s trickery in the system
They want me to give in my gun
But I’m living on the run from
The punk police
I’m not fazed by the face of the beast
In order to have peace in these streets, you need a piece
When I’m deceased, this song will be apart of my legacy
I don’t do black music, I don’t do white music
I do everyday life music
For niggas to usе it as fuel when they in school
Writing a papеr that’s due in the morning
I feel your pain dawg, they know who I’m talkin bout
So no need to put ya name in the song
Can I live, can’t sleep, can’t eat, paranoia is a muthafucka
Life is a bitch, so bitch bend over so I can fuck ya
Bumps and bruises is what I give fools
Chumps mad cuz while we get cheers they get boos
From L.I to Queens, I be the G-O-A-T
Bitch I put out 4 classics and I’m still 16
Picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture
Bombing on these punk bitches cuz they deserve it
Before they murder me, I gotta murder them
You rappers talkin out ya ass, I ignore em
Nobody heard from them,nobody remembers a single word from them
Got ya homie sayin, “damn I was just with him yesterday like tf u talkin bout bro”
Politics don’t exist, ignorant niggas holdin clips
I know a nigga that killed a Nigga, went to his gravesite and then posed for a pic
Lord Jesus, save me before I make the world burn
Forgive em for they ways, it seems like they jus never learn

Bitches never learn love it or hate niggas never earned a damn thing to be getting anything from me
I’m close range with most thangs know the flow gang with roman reigns hit a spear where ya go mane
Niggas so brazy super bowl playin i’m a fucking saiyan kaioken
He go to waste in a
Different life different stripes we’d be better friends but in this world i can not pretend
Gotta issue with dads. i’ve had two and none
I lived with all girls that’s why i couldn’t fuck with one
Complicated future stars are bright so i can’t lose em
This is the black man’s blood now we gotta ooze em
This is how they do em, killing all the black man around
We brainwashed and now all our energy ain’t found
Chronic illnesses u facing shit with real niggas
Never would i be fake deep this how i feel nigga
Never seen the streets in a day be so forreal
No cap you getting peeled
Iconic black man had their own troubles
Don’t be scarred by u making mistakes u gon be seeing double
White mobs will have you hydraulic way you bouncing
Thinking you’s a black savior you’ll keep it down sum cuz
Even black stars have to dim sometime
Even mine
Remember i was tryna talk changes all the time
Remember i was tryna change every nigga mind
Thought that i would rise like the king martin luther
But i still had the threats like X so i could never cool em
Had to cool down on the jets they wouldn’t listen
Nevah waste ya breath cuz they corrupted by the system

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