JD Studios (Jaydreamer) – Vs! Team Star Boss Lyrics

JD Studios (Jaydreamer)

One day the five of us looked up at the stars

The torture that we faced, it may have left scars

It was a treasure
to discover such power
Who will come out on top in this battle?

We turned sour, our bullies, they cowered!
In that hour, we all overpowered!

Now can’t you see?
all agree
We’ll break on through
Will not fall ‘cause of you!

Laying down vowels
To form this next verse
Throw in the towel
Or else you’ll get hurt

Although the boss
Can’t compare to mе

I’ll bring your loss
Watching it with glee

The code of conduct today banned my dеfeat
Assisted by the sound of this sick beat

Once upon a time, I was nice and neat

But I made the doubters obsolete

What do you really want from here, my friend?

Did you come here just to apprehend?

Watch for the signal,
I’ll rev up my car

Give it up for Team Star!

Team Star:

In the end, they said we just make trouble
But we showed them how to make it double!


Roll out the dice
As your attacks miss
Music’s my vice
Flung in the abyss

Thought I’d be nice?
Now you are remiss
Paying the price
For your hubris




1, 2, 3, 4!

You thought that I would just bow down?
Look at who\’s become the clown!
The way they treated me made me frown, but I never backed down!
The boss would so be proud to see
The leader that they made out of me
, will you hear our plea?

Tell me, what did you expect?
As the ‘mons are neck and neck
I’ll swallow my pride if you can earn my respect

Though one of us may fall
My allies answer the call

They will see your downfall!

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