JD Studios (Jaydreamer) – Vs! Gym Leader Galar Lyrics

JD Studios (Jaydreamer)


Be the very best
Can I pass the test?
With a heart so true
Courage will pull me through

It’s six versus four
It’s never been a bore
But despite everything
Only one can win

I’ll be the greatest Trainer
Making battles seem so plainer

Three more badges stand in the way
One gave by you, so don’t delay

You will see there’s no better team
Win the fight, it’s always our dream

Come back home with

You v Me, the jack of all trades

Now the time arrives

Super effective
, my moves will never miss
Ice that strikes like knives

HP running low, flung into the abyss

(Melony, the Gym Leader, brings out her Eiscue.)


You won\’t be able to escape when I freeze you solid! And after that… Well, you\’ll see.
Eiscue, use Freeze Dry!

(Grapploct is hit by the move, and faints.)

Grapploct, return!

Though I may fall down
I know in the end I’ll fight against the odds
Soon I’ll earn my crown
Show them no mercy
as I take on the gods

Challenges I’ll face

My team can’t always win every single fight
My tracks, I’ll retrace
Remember the times where we showed all our might

You may have defeated my Grapploct, Melony, but I have one more trick up my sleeve!

(Appletun Gigantamaxes, as the crowd starts to cheer.)

Simran & Crowd:



It\’s a big, big world, but you know where to find me
We\’ll be together, and we\’re gonna do it our way
We\’ll discover we believe in each other
On adventures with my friends like every day

So can you feel it?
Dynamax Energy abound
So can’t you see it?
I will only need one final round!

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