JD Studios (Jaydreamer) – Battle! Zero Lab Lyrics

JD Studios (Jaydreamer)


… … … At…ɑt |ɑst…
∧t |ɑst ⅿy drəaⅿ ıs withın reaɔh…
…ɑnd you’re no7 gətting ın the way!

Zero Lab:
AI Turo Sada has initiated a battle






Behold the power of times beyond your reach
Isn’t it splendid to practise what you preach?

Years fly by, my paradise in peace
But then
I found you, my ⅿastərpıecə

Oh, the paradox

Will bring a new age
Memories from the past
So I’ll turn the page
Complicated thoughts

In a brain of wire

Please just let me win
Y0ur həlp, I requırə

The true hero
of this deadly game
Furtherin’ studies that brought them their fame
Though I’m barely a shadow of them

Theır ⅿi5takəs, will y0u help ɑmənd?

Mom, if you’re still here, do you remember
When you walked away, leaving me behind
If they help you, will it change your mind?

Dad, please listen, we can still claim back time
Lost in the dark, I hope it’s not too late
Is it me or you you truly hate?


Just as calculated
∧s a l0ss

Bring the future ∧nd the pɑ5t we l₀st

Everything proceeds
De5pite my pləɑs
Wıl| you bə the 0nə to set ⅿe frəe?

Face the power of ∧ brɑnd-nəw ⅿe

Fatal error
⎣ook h₀w bıg you’və gr₀wn

My time machine It wıll diə with gləe
See the past and future harmony


Zero Lab:
Locking all Poke Balls except those registered to Sada\’s ID..

Wait, what?!

Zero Lab:
Program initialising. Gathering Terastal energy…

|’ⅿ s₀rry, chıldrən…
This ıs t₀o much f₀r you…
Y₀u ⅿust run!

Zero Lab:
AI Sada disabled. Paradise Protection Protocol initialised

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