JD Studios (Jaydreamer) – Battle! Penny Lyrics

JD Studios (Jaydreamer)
Ahahahaha! Aw man! The boss is gonna love this one! Alright, it\’s time for a
DJ Vice
Here we go!

DJ Vice is here tonight
Don\’t you know that might makes right?

Call upon the lonely star
But we wonder where they are
Up above us, through the night
Our constellation shining bright

Our operation
will succeed
Bringing bullies to their knees!

Mela & Atticus:
Oh, dear Big Boss
We all believe
You\’ll keep us strong
And take the lead!


Leaving past behind as we look to the future

Thosе that have faced torment, finally gеt justice

, we love you and respect you


Hope you\’ll appreciate this epic song I wrote for you!

I\’m the dealer of the cards
The one who made the mess
The one true shining star

My friends have all now fallen down

But still I\’ll fight, with the
as my guides

feel the rains
, as they crash on down to quell
the flames

the trees
, a cool breeze will flow to harbour life
And as
the thunder
hits the ground, the sparks will fly and make a sound
light and darkness
finally intertwine

I\’m the one who took the blow
Abandoned them, you know

But still they carry on
So I\’ll put an end to this
But they resist,
follow codes by our design

Go on and shine, our noble leader!

Why did they choose me as their leader?

Because of you, we all learned how to s-h-i-n-e!

Now shine!

Giacomo & Penny:

Shine so brightly with my friends
A treasure found that never ends

Here, there\’s no need to pretend
Now our pride, we will defend!

Giacomo (Penny):

Mela brings the fire\’s might
You saw through it all

Atticus with poison\’s blight

Ortega upon fairy wings
Eri fighting, Brutal Swings So watch my star fall

They all told me \”a treasure I\’ll find\”
But when I found it, I had to hide
\”Four eyes\”, \”nerd\”, \”geek\”, say it but know I\’ve already heard
Oh such hurtful words only make me stronger!

Eri & Ortega:
Come on, Big Boss
Keep up the fight!
Our stars have dimmed
But bring the light!

My precious friends, may your voices cheer me on
I\’ll bring out my strongest, my precious Sylveon
Crushed to stardust with the power of my Veevees

Shine bright like the starry sky, become who you really want to be!

Uva taught me all I know
Like how battle\’s an art
But then I broke the rules
You\’re cheugy, as your friend would say
\’Cause now Cassiopeia\’s here to stay!

Oh, feel the cold, with freezing ice that strikes like knives
With psychic power, I can see you\’re on your final life
And as Toxic Debris rains down, you cower inside the Misty Surge
Intimidated by our Stamina!

I hated the academy
Who refused to help me
Back when I was alone
Now I’m fixing my mistake
This team I’ll break, even though their hearts, they’ll ache

Keep shining bright, our noble leader!

I\’ll show them why I am their leader!

Now thanks to you, we all get Revenge!

Penny & Giacomo:
Tell me, do you hear that sound?
That\’s the cry of the underground!
Tera Energy abound
This is it, our final round

Penny (Giacomo):
I don\’t know what will come next So roll out the dice
All these voices in my head
I wish I could turn back time
Change the past and change their mind Although she’ll pay the price

Despite it all, a treasure I\’ll find
Because of them, I don\’t have to hide!
\”Leader\”, \”Boss\”, \”friend\”, but they don\’t even know my real name!
It\’s better that way, and soon I\’ll end this game!

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