Jay NiCE – 8am in Leimert Park Lyrics

8am in Leimert Park Lyrics

: Jay NiCE
Lighter flickering
Spark the spirits (Eastside, Eastside, Eastside, Eastside, Eastside, Eastside, Eastside, Eastside, Eastside)

I remove your roof nigga
Let the sun shine in

Yah yah yah yah

1: Jay NiCE
The young Rakim, son locked in in the Benz
I float above the top ten \’cause I drop gems
FLAiR approach with a coat made of Ox skin, I mean the whole layer\’s hot
Spent crazy obnoxious to cop it
First rule of the game: do not snitch
You get pinched by cops, pretend you forgot your speech to hit your Johnnie Cochran
In these streets it donе got tense and now the plot thickеns
Killed over nonsense, same evils that got Prince
The clock\’s ticking, watch this, I brought the essence back
Discovered others like-minded and then connected that
Progress of course, spine dance, me and my niggas headed out with four or five whips
Organised rizz, and you can bet I\’m scoring high kid
Forever Jordan with the fly kicks, cardinal 7s worn to shock the conference
My confidence was built by the nation of 5 percent
But no one blessed me like God did
So therefore I\’m rare form since the year I was born
No fear of performing, I jump up in the air and soar
Rise & Shine, divine lines giving sight to the blind
Business? I\’m minding mine, where\’s yours?
Full time hustling, grind, juggling lines, beloved one
The only thing on my mind is finding and tucking funds
This current climate is troublesome, these labels got you signing for bubblegum
I find it disgusting but imma shine \’cause I\’m one of one
(Yah yah yah) Uh
And I ain\’t blinded by nothing dumb, what the fuck is up? (What\’s hood?)


2: Chace Infinite
Staring at the celestial bodies, it\’s complicated like a rappers\’ robbery
Catch me politicking with some rival parties
As far as art I am the artery, the heart
The one who makes hard for those that follow me, to start
The most intrical part, the honorable
The intersection where the streets meet the theological
The authentic article, as my thoughts break into particles
Words become wisdom, consuming every part of you
Are you really concerned? What\’s the source of all the misery?
Or is poverty covered with white supremacy
Allies switch lanes apparently
Confused people are used to complicate the strategy, I\’m actually appallled
It takes a nigga to get mauled
For you to recognise all of your flaws
America the great, misguided states
Freedom\’s a mirage and for that we don\’t put faith in the man, we praise Allah
Despite the evidence, the presidents never impeach to complete
The misery, the wicked just prey on the weak (Uh)

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