Jave Q – LILRIICOO Interview Lyrics

LILRIICOO Interview Lyrics

Jave Q
1.) For The People Who Don’t Know Who You Are How Would You duce Yourself?

LILRIICOO, also know by “HOODVAMP” and Mr.L is 20 year old artist from detroit
Also, CEO of a Group called 79, which also goes by other names such as “LUNA BOYS” and more

2.) When Did You Begin Making Music Or Getting Into?

I got into music around 2017, I started making songs . I wasn’t showing anyone though, it was kinda a thing Where i just made music for myself and my brother

3.) How Did You Get Your Artist Name?
My first song i dropped i had my name as LILRIICOO, i just kept it but originally i wanted to go by Rx9

4.) What Are Your Goals In Music, What Do You Think You’ll Be Able To Achieve?

My goal is to have people feel my music more than actually hearing it. i want people to know how i’m
Feeling when thеy’re listening

5.) Who Are Somе Artist’s That Inspire Your Sound And Do You Think Where You Live/Grew Up Influenced Your Sound?

Artists such a XXXtentacion, Lucki, chief keef, Ken Carson, peep & Tracy are definitely rappers who inspired my sound, i grew up in detroit but i definitely have a different sound from most artist from detroit

6.) Music’s Diversity In Sound Has Expanded So Much More Recently, What Makes You Different?

I don’t have just 1 sound, the various of flows/styles i have, you never know what to expect with Lilriicoo I add swag to everything !

7.) Who Are Your Dream Features?

I definitely wanna work with FILTHY, and also Lil Yachty

8.) What Is One Thing You Love About Making Music And What Is One Thing You Hate?

1 thing i love about music is that it helps me free my mind when i need it
There isn’t really anything i hate about it yet

9.) Before We End Our Interview Please Elaborate Anything Else You’d Like About Yourself Or Promo For Any Upcoming Projects Your ping Soon!

I have 2 Upcoming singles coming out This week
One is called “LUNA BOY”
Other is called “SevN Made”

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