Jave Q – 408ISLAND Interview Lyrics

408ISLAND Interview Lyrics

Jave Q
1.) I go by my tag 408ISLAND, and I just make good music

2.) I started off making beats in middle school when I first got into music like that, but I didn\’t release anything until 2019 and nothing under this new name till now

3. To be honest it was random, but I did grow up in the Philippines which is a bunch of islands lol

4. I want to be able to master my sound, and be able to get experimental with rap beats and work with stuff you might not usually see in the beats. I know my sound well so my goal is more or less to work with all the artists that inspire it

5. As far as beats, Metro was the first. Pierre, 16YROLD and F1LTHY for sure. As far as rappers go, I like opium, Yeat, Lancеy, Hardrock and all the similar rappers leading thеir new sounds

6. Pretty much never gonna hear music like this. Can confirm that because it’s made by a mad man. Combinations like Zelly Ocho and Fijimcintosh on a rage beat dedicated to the queen isn\’t normal music (out on the 14th btw), but I think I make it sound good

7. Yeat or Carti for sure

8. I love how the music I make can be used by artists in each of their own ways, I always love hearing what everyone does with my beats. Hate when FL studio crashes on me

9. Nothing crazy, DRAG RACING! with BIGBABYGUCCI is live now everywhere. Follow my Instagram @408island I\’m gonna be posting my upcoming music on there with a bunch of underground artists

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