Jae Trxpp – Jimmy’s story Lyrics

Jae Trxpp

Let me tell you this story \’bout a lost soul
Lil Jimmy grew up in a warzone
See Jimmy was known as a neutron
Wasn\’t in a gang but he still knew the street code
He grew up in a two parent household
With a brother named Carl, 8 years old
Lil Jimmy was good lil kid but the friends that he with ran the streets like a light pole
And one day he was walking to school with his lil brother Carl
They were following the rules
When a car pulled up, asked Jimmy \”What\’s bool\”
Said they recognized Jim from the friends that he knew
They didn\’t care that Jimmy didn\’t gangbang
He was friends with the opps so shots rang
Lil Jimmy tried to duck from the shots
But Carl got hit and was left with a blood stain
Now Jim in the panic
Holding his brother he called for an ambulance
Blood on his hands, irreversible damage
If Jim loses his brother, don\’t know how he\’ll manage
Medics pulled up and they tried to revive
But Jim knew the truth that his brother had died
When he got home his momma was crying
And from that day on he was heartless inside

Can you picture that funeral setting
Jimmy was grieving with all of his fam
The only thing Jimmy was thinking was how his lil brother had suffered and died in his hands
The killers, they couldn\’t just rot in a can
He wanted revenge, he had him a plan
Loading the pistol, making it blam
And sending them suckers where they\’ll never land
Jim had a homie named Sheen
Deep in the streets but tryna\’ get clean
He knew the killers, they lived down the street
But Sheen had told Jimmy not to intervene
Sheen, he was traumatized in the streets
He watched his brothers die in the streets
He knew that Jim had a chance to be better
He ain\’t wanna see him slidin\’ in the streets
But Jim was obsessed
He said \”Sheen, you my bro
Why you acting like a scared lil hoe?\”
I\’m doing this with our without you
So if you my brother, we sliding
You ready to go?\”
They slid on the block
They made \’em all drop
Broad day like they ain\’t even care \’bout the cops
But someone was there that Jim never thought
His own mother watched him murder his opps

Sheen: \”Ay who was that lady bro?
Why she actin\’ like she know you bruh? She said your name!\”
Jimmy: \”I ain\’t even tryna\’ talk about it bro\”
Sheen: \”You ain\’t tryna\’ talk about it?! Bro I\’m asking one more time, who was that?\”
Jimmy:\”It\’s my mom bro…\”
Sheen: \”Fuck!\”

Jimmys mother was outside for a jog
Unable to fathom what she just saw
Jimmys mother was a woman of God
But her son was a killer, she witnessed it all
So what\’s she to do?
She couldn\’t live with herself
If she let him back in where she sleeps
She would sooner see her son up in prison
Than know he\’s living a life in the streets
She blew up his phone
Left a voicemail telling Jimmy he should turn himself in
Sheen told Jimmy his momma would snitch
And probably get \’em sent off to the pen
Few hours passed, Jimmy went home
Tryna\’ tell his mother not to be nuts
But there was a car belonging to Sheen
It was already there and parked in the front
Jimmy found Sheen with a gun in his hand
His mom on the floor and already whaked
Jimmy shot Sheen without moment to spare
He didn\’t give him a chance to react
Jimmy was thinking \’bout all that occurred
All the mistakes that he made in the past
He pointed his pistol right up to his temple
He pulled the trigger and then faded to bl—

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