​jacksaw – TWO AR'S Lyrics


Screw up on your body take it less I took his head
Separate your mouth is the only thing I\’m scared I bet
Glock in my pocket don\’t even try me
Bloodstains in my eyes let me do this on my fucking sight

2 AR\’s in my backpack
Carefull bitch the dialogue on rec
Terrorist shit imma pull up to Iraq
Move bitch or recieve rounds in yo head

AK-74 bitch get down on the floor
All this fucking faggots waited me to drop
Other fucking faggots told me to get on a job
All sluts around wanna get that I got


Shoot your head in a back make it better hot racks
Be quiet do it by yourself you just shot yoursеlf
Take this body in a bag who really cares
Don\’t makе this a thing I\’m just tryffling on the bitch

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