J-NastyMusic – 40 Hrs Lyrics

40 Hrs Lyrics


Long road – gotta go

Big goals – all gold

Been 14yrs it’s been a long road – straight to Cali yeah gotta go

High expectations I have big goals – dripped in Diamonds & all gold

Never know train to go live my life stack my doe – got the flow let y’all know mad Hatin cause I’m bout to blow

Been a boss don’t know what it cost look don’t do this for show – don’t speak on somethin kid if you never know (Nasty)

Went to Cali took a trip fame money never trip – pop a tab took a trip fumble the roc never trip

Now I’m here boy with Flippp make the money flip – so you know what I gotta do make the money flippp

Paint a perfect picture yeah I’m picture perfеct – cause my life doctored up likе a sergeant

Traveled to a different time zone me I get your mind blown – blow your mind ima Diamond boy I do shine

In them trenches starving remember the times – that’s why I go hard do my thing & grind

Life is forward never rewind – could keep going speak line for line

You don’t know my pain came from the jeweler just copped some chains – top finesse lane switch had to switch lanes

2nd s
Ain’t have it good my life misunderstood- if you ask me I tell you I’m good

Lighting backwoods living in the backwood – CT who I be in the west from the east

Ima beast ima dog look they took me off the leash – cause I eat always fest run it up nikes on my feet

Diamonds all in my teeth I like to stunt a lil – didn’t have a childhood when I was lil

It’s straight look at me now – with 808 Kartel up in the clouds

All I’m tryna do is make my momma proud – they prayin for my downfall want me to fall down

With your chick gettin rich gettin money money Mitch – like the clown know I’m it you thirsty drink a fifth

Ignorance yeah it’s bliss I’m dookie I’m the ish – DNA what’s the bliss makin hits could never miss

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