J Man Fire – Dracco SZN Lyrics

J Man Fire

( 1)
It’s the season like
It’s the season like
I don’t got a reason
It’s getting breezy
This is too easy
I’m like a whole 30 on list
You know I go make a diss
I told that boy he got no rizz
If I run I miss
I’m not tryna get into trouble
Bro see an opp get hit with a double
All of y’all kids are being too humble
They be saying that how the cookie crumble
He fell off the tower tumbles
I perform there’s a rumble
That why he too scared to rap cause that bro gon mumble
Grah Grah Grah Grah Let’s Go
Get in a trap thеy say oh no
They coming back I put on a show
I see an opp I stay on the low
They havе dissed me I know
When I rap I set up the cone
Whatever they have they stick to the code
I might get hyped
I said go you not my type
I’m tryna make this right
Time to get sturdy
Yo it’s too early
Opps be lurking
All my stuff is working

You know that he finna lay low
What do they have a take for
They at the gate A4
What you be speaking to Tay for
It’s the Season
They still popping for reasons
It’s the season
All of the raps I’m teasin

( 2)
I am a star
I hop in the car
I got the bars
I have a heart this ain’t the start
I am a menace like Bart
Yeah are you serious
Stop acting to curious
All of the opps are furious
I hope your hearing this

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