J.J. Fad – Let's Get Hyped Lyrics

Let’s Get Hyped Lyrics

Dr. Dre
Yo, what y\’all wanna do now?

1: MC JB
Let\’s get hyped! Hyper than you\’ve ever been before with the girls that you adore
Once more, cold trippin\’ and kickin\’ it while the beat is just rippin\’ it up
So stay in touch with the hyped up cuts
Super ironic, super exotic, rockin\’ your world
Supersonic beats for some supersonic girls
Super big beats and if you ignore this we\’ll add the 808 to make the beat sound enormous
Making it rock, making it hum, and we\’ll never stop unless we want to change the drums
Not nevеr, we\’ll too clever, ayo Drе change the beat back I like the first one better

Dr. Dre
Aight bet

2: MC JB
Going on and on, never till\’ the break off dawn
Rock a rhyme, you get hyped up, and then our drop is done
Understand this total command, as well we\’re takin we don\’t need your man or his money, we\’re not dummies
Besides, the little boy is just too damn ugly
That\’s right, your type is here tonight in the funky fresh nikes (come on!)

Dr. Dre
What y\’all wanna do now?

Let\’s get, let\’s get, let\’s get, let\’s get hyped!

Get what?

Get hyped!

Come on y\’all!

Let\’s get, let\’s get, let\’s get, let\’s get hyped!

Who\’s gettin\’ hyped up?

Sassy C!

3: Sassy C
Sassy C in the place to be, dominanting never perpetrating cause I came to please
MC\’s tryna take us out
Yo, you think you running things?
You ain\’t running nothing but yo\’ mouth
Cause I\’m on the top, with the hip-hop, suckas you betta crawl back under yo rocks!
Cause I\’m hyped, i\’m hyper, all the hypes around when I\’m around, know what I\’m sayin?
I\’m going off, in other words, I\’m going loco, I\’m with the group but this is apart of my solo
Bass, is the name off our game, and Train is our DJ\’s name

Sassy C
So Train?

DJ Train
What\’s up?

Baby D
Are you ready to? (drop) (yeah)

Why don\’t you give us some horns?

DJ Train
You got em\’

4: Baby D
What a minute, hold it train, cut the trumpet
This ain\’t no highschool band, homeboy, get off it
I need something hip-hop, know what I\’m talking about? Something that makes me wanna run my mouth Cause I\’m a little lyricist called Baby D, and I\’m not gonna rhyme with nothing common like me or we, but maybe something like stupidity or catastrophe or money bag guarantee, you see
Cause I\’m tired of the basic rhymes, basic beats, basic records that\’s just basically weak
I need a big beat, something attractive, something that gets me hyperactive, something that gets my adrenaline flowing then my records touching coasts starts growing and growing and growing
That\’s right, your type, is here tonight in the funky fresh nikes

Dr. Dre
What y\’all wanna do now?

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