ISO Indies – TenFold Lyrics

TenFold Lyrics

: Dillmatic
Indies, indies
Indies, Indies
Woah, woah-woah

1: Dillmatic
Everything come back tenfold (Everything)
Our LIC eatin\’ TIN full
? on my lunchbreak, clear up my mental (Word)
I don\’t do the mixed signals, rather stick to residuals
The eye, money sign, and world peace be the symbols (ISO)
Too many niggas playin\’ Devil’s advocate and I ain’t havin\’ it
Situations, they be draggin\’ it, dippin\’ and dabblin\’
This was by design, nah, it ain\’t happen by accident (Word)
Goin\’ after the checks and bet my nigga I’m cashin\’ it
If she was a dime in her prime, bet that I was smashin\’ it
Small ass room, reekin\’ the sour, wearin\’ my stash in it (Woo)
Rollin\’ papеr planes, you could meet me in The Cabinеt (I’m up)
Yo, y\’all niggas nice, y\’all shoulda made it, y\’all were talent
We hear it all the time, we both workin\’, I\’m the catalyst
That\’s my street fitted, duh-duh, damn, word to Fabolous
I be smellin\’ like a pound, I\’ma invest in some cannabis
I\’ll be droppin\’ shit on stage but I ain\’t coverin\’ no damages (Fuck it)
Workin\’ in the aura, made departments sortin\’ packages
Me and shorty sharin\’ an apartment, find imbalances (Word)
They say, “Put the time in, don\’t give in when shit is challengin\’”
Done with the bad mind, inner peace is what I’m channelin\’

: Dillmatic
I\’ve been gettin\’ rid of shit that\’s toxic
Everytime I bring it up, they try to change the topic
Told \’em, “Give us some room, we ain\’t tryna be boxed in”
I’m not with the negativity, I’m detoxin’
All the shade I\’m dodgin\’, I\’m explorin\’ options
I\’ma keep evolvin\’ \’til the world watchin\’
Make shit poppin\’, we got \’em all flockin\’
I need some extra toppings, we comin\’ out the tropics, woah

2: ConchezYout
I\’ma make it back tenfold one way or another
Watch out for undercovers who sneakin\’ up on my brothers, yo
Free my nigga Woo, I\’ve been thinkin\’ \’bout you
Another breakin\’ news, was hopin\’ it wasn’t true
But fuck it, we here now, gotta do what you gotta do
Back and forth in the stu\’ just speakin\’ my truth, lettin\’ it loose
When I needed me somebody I could vent to
It\’s sad that the people that I went to end up turnin\’ against you
Friend or foe, family, even them, too
Family is forever, no worries, I\’ll make amends soon (Ayy)
I don’t think I\’m meant to, shit be fuckin\’ with my mental
All this shit I done been through just made me pick up the pencil
Yo, loadin\’ up the vault, murderin\’ beats like a so
We cannot come to a halt, ISO, we a cult
We need our money in bulk, everything is not a joke
My favorite color blue, but never thought of turnin\’ low (No?)
That street life ain\’t no joke, it’s like you slidin\’ on a slope (Yeah)
You really a lost soul if they ain\’t show you the rope (You lost)
So just keep the family close and stay away from these hoes
And watch who you call your bros \’cause niggas who stoop low (They do)
You know how that shit go, just stay down like ten toes (Yeah)
And you\’ll make it tenfold, yeah, you\’ll make it tenfold
You know how that shit go, just stay down like ten toes
And you\’ll make it tenfold, yeah, you\’ll make it tenfold, you know, you know

: Dillmatic
Yeah, ISO
Yeah, don’t forget the dollar sign
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