1: ConchezYout
Here\’s a story of a loner who\’s a stoner
Who had dreams of bein\’ a store owner when he get older
He never had no blood brothers
Like a Jonah but he always had friends like Kodah who was brothers
His mother always told him he the older brother
Look at the sisters, and always use a rubber
Everytime he find he find a woman he would tell \’em that he love \’em
They would show they truе colors
And then find another lover on thе side
He had a green book of rhymes that he lost when he was younger (Uh-huh)
Couple years later, ain\’t nothin\’ could stop his hunger
The summer of \’09, he had linked up with his brother
But blood couldn\’t make him any thicker than they was
Then they found out they had somethin\’ in common that they loved
It was music
It was therapeutic, so they started they own movement from the ground up
Still underground from a town called Brooklyn
Gettin\’ booked in other states, but never been to Central Bookings
At least his mans did (Uh-huh)
Shit was candid, he stayed where his fans lived
He wasn\’t a bad kid, but always wondered what his Dad did
To end up in the prison majority of his whole life
Now he got a whole wife
That he hold tight through the cold nights
And never once thought to be a low life
\’Cause that no life for a brother like him (No)
Askin\’ God everyday to forgive him from his sins, word

2: Dillmatic
Now peep the youth, that was Conchez
Ray, self conscious, always watch your surroundings
Only kept his four homies around him
Two younger sisters
He started freestylin\’ in church before the East New York ridin\’
ENY to be exact, though
Looked up to his uncles, and his dad was in the Mac store
Wrote him letters and visited, always had his back, yo
Jamaican rude boy, yeah, set off on his path, though
? and cousins love him, too, yeah, he big on family
Got married at 23, knew he was the man to be
Took a lil\’ patience, know you could meet the Low-vins
Baby boy on the way, Ami, you are the chosen
One thing for sure: he always used his heart and mind (He did)
Stayed with his Moms and granny \’til it was his time (Word)
To step out on his own, and he never looked behind (Never)
Kept on doin\’ this music, never doubted his rhymes (Uh-huh)
Put \’em all on notice, now it\’s ISO to the Indies (ISO)
Always did his own thing, never follow what\’s trendy (Never)
You see him when you see him, he always keep it a Fendi (Fendi!)
Now his life is full, he remember when it was empty (Remember?)
Blessings in disguise, came around in 2020 (Came around)
He know what\’s comin\’ next, he put his trust in God already, yeah
Born ready, yeah, you know they got it understood
ISO Indies, we a brotherhood

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