Isaac Wright – Young Writer (Lillies ion) Lyrics

Isaac Wright

Born little, born just yesterday, young writer sitting on a porch swing, writing a story


Young writers just scribbling in the darkness, the time will come for him to be free

Young writer’s just a child it seems, but his mind is somewhere wandering among the clouds, among the sea

Young writer still believes in magic fairy tales, the birds and bees, are fluttering around his hurried mind, day and night they come forever

Young writer still looks up to his daddy, tells him lovingly I’m gonna write you a story


Young writer’s still working on his storybook, he’s got some ways to go, but nobody knows the secrets, his lines are calling to you once again

Young writer won’t you write something that\’s just for me, an adventure that will never end, its pages only I can understand

Young writer, write me a song

Young writer, write me a story

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