$ierra (POL) – 20/20/Maria Freestyle Lyrics

20/20/Maria Freestyle Lyrics

Racks in the case
Look at my neck, it\’s ?
Takin\’ a jet to LA
No, we ain\’t playin\’ no games
I have Maria, she callin\’ my name
Gotta my side and keepin\’ me safe
Ghini V12, we goin\’ insane
Police – they trayin\’ to get in my way

Yeah, yellow Ferrari, got hustle like Polo
Louis V bag, I got every color
Back in the days, I used to feel sorrow
Loosing my friends, that ? wanna borrow
My homie killin\’ his demons with coco
Bitches be watchin\’ my G, wanna follow
I got no stylist, I\’m doin\’ it dolo, yeah
Nike my shoes, Vlone my jeans, Gucci my polo
What am I wearing, it\’s never enough, icy my watch, got VVS stones
Call me Sub-Zero, my neck is a frost
Wavy, I\’m wavy, like I\’m on a boat
Don\’t fuck with many, they stealin\’ my sauce
Gettin\’ these bags and gimme some more, yeah
I\’m goin\’ rough
Shining wherever I go
Every day I\’m goin\’ hard
Goofies you thinkin\’ that I\’m gonna stop
In 2020 I\’m reachin\’ my goals
Tryna keep focus I\’m doin\’ it most, yeah

Doin\’ this shit on my own
I\’m never loosin\’ a hope
You goin\’ hard or you goin\’ home
In every song, I will leave you my soul
Wanna get money, take care of my bros
I feel like god really hearin\’ my voice
Pray every day just for me and my boyz
Pray every day just for me and my boyz, yeah

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