​​​​iayze – God pt.2 / Slidin Lyrics

God pt.2 / Slidin Lyrics

(lyrics from snippet)

(Look at \’em racks come in)
(Look at \’em racks come in)
(Look at \’em racks come in)
(Ay, ? you got a hit boy)
(Look at \’em racks come in)
(Racks come in)
(Ooh, Big Head on the beat)
(Look at \’em racks come in)

I dont know, Is we slidin\’?
I\’m like god you know I\’ve been thinkin\’ \’bout dying
Like this shit been hiting hard
I can\’t let down my guard
Look at \’em racks come in
He want smoke, lets map somethin\’
I done came up I can\’t back down from nun
You get clapped down for nun
Look at my chain glare
They sayin\’ I ain\’t fair

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