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Hi Lyrics

Listening to music nowadays is almost a rarity since I keep my energy detached from other energies (songs of their own), but when I was streaming/studying artists- they consisted: Juice wrld, Zillakami, Lil Peep

Disturbed, Somula, I O N, Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller and so on

Accomplishments.. previous work? Firstly, me being alive is one. Breathing, slowly filling the meter on my purpose(s) but making sure I fulfill this SOLE purpose I behold, HELPING THE YOUTH! Is there more? Yes, just not worth the share and there’s not much more I can place down. Once there’s more done by me, you all will hear back from me.. soon

I’ve worked with friends most of the time and a lot of others I came across while on this musical journay & purpose I daily execute

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Idolize yourself firstly before idolizing anybody who’s not that person in the mirror. Idolize the thoughts of what you can and WILL be, before giving that energy to another individual. Evolution is apart of life and that’s one of the ways to achieve evolution. Stay up, learn how to flip your downs into your ups. I love you all, goodbye. 444

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