Harm’s Harmony – No More Crying! Lyrics

Harm’s Harmony
Hook: Nelly !

(Told her stop that crying!)
Stop all that crying
Ain’t no need for that
I’m ridin’ with the gang
Yeah, we in the scat
No more crying, Ima put this work in
Bought that girl a berkin
Now I’m steady, workin’
Stop those tears
Overcome your fears
Goated already just started my career
Better than you, you ain’t on my tear
(You ain’t on my tear)
Got new life, got new everything
Got a new boo, got a new gun
Got a new blick
Just copped the new stick
(No more crying!)

1: Nelly !

No more crying
Yea, just keep tryin
Yea, stop that whining
(stop allat cryin, cryin cry!)
Stop allat cryin and do your best
Go home and get some rest
Life can be hard
But it’s just a tеst (it’s just a test)

: Nelly !

It’s “Nelly !” And I can’t stop droppin
You ain’t gang or rich
You not talkin
I get rosеd away, just by walkin
Stop all that cryin, don’t be a lil bitch
He kept talkin, got hit with a switch
(Got hit with a switch)

Climax: Nelly !
2023 and I feel like the greatest!
Better than dat boy and there ain’t no debatin
Slid on dat boy, just like I’m skatin
Feel like a god, just like I’m raidin
Was talkin smack, lit his whole family celebrating
Aye, go, ain’t no debatin
You in my comments
So why is you hatin
You in my comments
So why is you hatin
Why is you hatin
Stop all that cryin ain’t no need for that
Me and my gang
We ride around in da scar

: Nelly !
Stop that cryin! Yea
Shout out kev

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