Harbosa – Dreams Lyrics

Dreams Lyrics

Run up on the boy got the Glock up in his face
You know I got the mask I ain’t catching no case
Speeding to the top come in clutch win the race
Can’t lose all my speed got to keep up with the pace

Know I got the style all the fans be taking notes
Living in the north so the knife you know I tote
Know I got the wock so I feel like lil boat
Got me feeling chilly so I bought a mink coat

Bosa on the beat yeah you can’t forget my name
Highest in the room gotta switch up to LaFlame
Know he piping up but I know he gon be tame
People jack my flow and I don’t mess with it it’s lame

Read all they movеments like they was a book
Thousands of drugs don’t know which onе he took
Lyrics coming from the dome hold on let me cook
Ran from the popo I’m off of the hook

All of the people that I have been cliquing with told me that I should persue all my dreams
But what they dont know is that making these songs is not easy and all this is not what it seems
And all of the people that didn\’t believe in me I know they went and got put in they place
But what they dont know is that I didn\’t care and I know that theres more people that I could replace

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