DR. PERKY Lyrics

Dick in my ass
Taking this dick and im going real fast
Im popping a perc and im shaking my ass
Im a (dolphin) so dont pull yo lil condom stash
I nut in his booty so I can\’t feel my hands
And I dont take no pussy less im-

Holup im about to pop off, yeah

Pull up on a bitch and ima tell her im invisible
Booty booty booty homie grabbing on my genitals
She a hentai pussy I be taking all them tentacles
I gotcho bitch with me yea she doin terrible
She wanna ride
You tryna die
Face is a 10 so im dating a guy
Nut in his booty while im eating popeyes
Im taking my time while he\’s sucking my


Aye yuh
Aye aye
I never tickle booty, I just wanna eat it call me moody judy
Pick it up a notch im finna pop a stinky doodie (pee oo)
Sitting on the toilet and im watching hella movies
I wanna fuck on Alan while im watching oomi zoomies
Adding up the times I beat it to him with the goonies

Yea I sit on dick
Yea im eating trix
I wanna fuck on sandy cheeks her booty hella thick
Yea I fuck a lot
I fuck on hella dudes
Call him teki, teki show em what you do

I just jumped in this hoe
Like tik tak toe
What the fuck is goin on
I just put my headphone
I need sex phone
Why his dick too long
His shit block my back out
I need stacks out
My shit ain dat strong
When I suck his big old dick
Lil bro I know where I belong

Hey diz, guess what?
(What up padre)
Di di di di di di diz nuts (noo)
Thats it
Im gone
Wait no
Im not

My shades, dior, my pants, velour
Create, explore, expand, conquer
I came, I saw
I came, I saw
I praise the lord, then break the law
I take whats mine, then takes some more
It rains oh it pours
It rains oh it pours

It pours down fast
Alex (m) fucking me real fast
Can\’t do gay rap anymore, so Derin bring that fat ass

Ima smack it
Do it
And twist it
Bop it
Pull it
Flick it
Now kiss it

Yo Klover
Dont be thinking im forgetting about you big boy
You still my bitch
You know that?
You still my bitch
Isnt that right Alan? (on god)
Yeah, you got my discord
Hit me up boy
Padre out

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