GlizzyGlo – One Time Lyrics

One Time Lyrics

(Ky Floxkz)

On that block we was parked all night like
Why would he think I\’mma fight?
He went left but he should\’ve went right like on that
Block you think twice. Tryna push up on me it ain\’t right I\’m tryna leave a nigga by that light, Smoking Boomer he high as a kite like they throwing up woo for the hype (BOOMER BOOMER!) Tryna do a nigga like he Ike, can\’t forget (Shh) he died for a slice like, Like Tae they told me the price, Sit down with them fake ass mikes

2 (GlizzyGlo)

See a jet then I\’m crashing that flight
Me & bro bending shooting off a bike
See a woo then he get it on sight, Fuck White Savv got sent to the light, Smoking on Boomer higher than a kite
Wonder why Drizzy Aggy couldn\’t fight
Round of a applause I\’m clapping with a pipe, Like lil Boomer really lost his life
He a dummy, and its sad like we finna get on his ass
Colorful beams fuck a laser tag, On they block looking for a….
On they block tryna make a pack, See a woo then he getting wacked
Ky B leave em where he at, F-Fuck that i\’m finna up it and clap

3 (Ken Amiri)


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