Gizwop – Wicked Lyrics

Wicked Lyrics


I ain\’t nothing like these rappers all these rapping niggas bitches
I\’m a gangster so my mother already know I\’m that nigga
Man I grew up on some other shit, boy I am a killer
I\’m addicted to seeing blood, man I gotta kill a nigga
Lost my brothers now I\’m spinning
Man this shit really got me wicked
Long live ? though that was my twin
Remember that time I hit that nigga
I\’m a gangster everybody fucking with me, I\’m a killer
Everybody say \”Gizwop that nigga\”
Nigga ain\’t spinning, boy you a bitch

Lot of shit been going on in the trenches shit getting wicked
Man a new opp just got cracked, man I\’m smoking on that nigga
How that boy he got cracked? Heard he chasing bitches
Nigga better not slip, I\’ma catch his ass and kill him
Hit they rip three times in one day boy I did that with that drizzy
And I\’m getting active catching niggas down bad I\’ma kill \’em
Niggas ain\’t active, niggas is bitches
I am a gangster, yes I\’m a killer
Nigga run up wrong weird I\’ma hit him
Nigga keep talking he know he gon\’ die
I\’m standing over gang and I\’m banging that fire
Nigga got hit in his motherfucking eye
Stupid bitch-ass nigga didn\’t even die
Dumbass nigga decided to rat
Niggas be cap, niggas ain\’t active
Niggas be bitches for real they be capping
Nigga I\’m spinning your rip with that Drac\’
Hop out bumping that Drac\’ make it shake

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