Ginger Bronson – Know Yourself Freestyle Lyrics

Ginger Bronson

He’s a killer to the world but a teddybear to his girl
That’s my type
Smashin your head against the police car window when they got you in handcuffs
Write the name of your crew on the glass in blood
That’s my type
Have sweet dreams, i regret nothing
All the girls in this city say you’re mean but they don’t know what my baby’s really like
Maybe the rest see the lights
Bad boy with big money
He traps but he’s a hunter too, get you in your living room
Give me a couple hundred when i ask for it
That’s nothing, get thousands on christmas
Like a birthday cake he wants to eat me all up & i’m fucked up
So put a knife to my neck & i guess you can get it
& we get along good cuz you’ve been the one since guns were just fun but you know how that shit go

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Now we grown up
Now we sneak into houses, wonder where the jewels is
Got no one wondering where that little girl went
Cuz i’ve been the same since like first grade
Even back then i knew how to take punches
I expect hell from the people who mean the mostest
But that just means i will walk through fire for you
Let the court call me a liar cuz it’s true
Sitting in the witness seat with my fingers crossing
I didn’t see nothing
You’re the boss & when you talk i listen
Hate to say it but you know i’m mostly playing
Cuz i can break your heart when you see me in the park with the man i’ve been texting
Run up & replace his brain with something
That’s a waste of good dick
Drag me by my hair to your apartment
Some stories you shouldn’t finish but you know how that shit go

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