Ginger Bronson – "6 Man" Freestyle Lyrics

Ginger Bronson

Instead of getting the hottest guy in school i got the hottest on the block
& they’re like hope he gets picked for the team i’m like hope he doesn’t get shot
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich means something different around here
Crunchy like gold chains between my teeth, sticky like my fingers
Sweet like buttercream in your panties  
Like i’m talking bout you but i’m talking bout me, redirect it
Littlе miss hardly perfect
Lawless ovеr flawless but your favorite baby nonetheless
I give him a lot of shit
But the bad boys come with so much baggage
So i’m just like get to packin
I could be like l’oreal say i’m worth it
But i’m ginger so like ginger i’m like i don’t even gotta say
a freestyle on valentine’s day
Text him back “k”
Keep the candy & the flowers
I want a check every hour, blank please
So if you ain’t makin at least figures go learn how to be a killer
I got no soft spots on my crown so you might as well be underground
I’m a ruler, if she talk down i overrule her
If he eat the pussy best i say i had better
He said he loves me that’s a waste, baby boy clean your plate
Save your breath for a girl who wants to be your whole world
Cuz she don’t got her own
You’re talkin bout a kilo again, oh no
You’re talkin bout something expensive, i never would’ve guessed it
I never get impressed so i think i’m gonna go
I like piggyback rides in fancy hotel hallways
Corridor if you’re a lil more fancy with it
But i like em laidback & crazy
& i don’t trust a man who can’t keep his own secrets, either way it’s fuck you pay me  
I don’t care about your childhood trauma just call me mama
So sweet i make you sick to your stomach
Like a cupcake cuz when i’m not at the party they all wonder where i went
Take me home to meet your father like it’s sunday & church brought the sugar when you hand it over, watch what he does
He eat it all up
So be careful cuz i’m a real bad girl
& i know you hate to share but you’re so unaware

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