Gavin Parished – Hopping Into Hyperspace Lyrics

Hopping Into Hyperspace Lyrics

Gavin Parished
Hook: Xevnebula
Yeah, ay
These bitches won\’t leave me alone no more
These bitches cannot leave me alone no more
These bitches cannot leave me alone no more
Ay, ay

1: Xevnebula
Cause if I leave you alone I don\’t know when\’s the next time seeing you
Emotional hope but love be spreading like the phoenix do
Rock to the bow but I be singing like Aaliyah do
Kid Lords on some shit, ain\’t no predicting \’bout what we gon\’ do
Hoes text me these paragraphs bout \”when we gonna see this through?\”
Keep my options open, kinda like it when they peep at two
Kid Lords on that potion, it\’s that shit that make you sing and groove
Keep that dance floor open, think it\’s time for me to make my move

Hook: Xevnebula & Tb Payback
Yeah, ay
These hoes won\’t leave me alone no no (oh no)
These hoes won\’t leave me alone no no (no)
These hoes won\’t leave me alone no no (no)

2: Tb Payback
Way too attached, don\’t ask for the show
Shake up them pants till they hit the floor
One step back, just take ten forth
You lead to fast came back too slow
So this another high for me that you won\’t get to know
Hold me down like gravity, the stars about to blow
So give me space in hyper place where all the bouquets float
Poker face, won\’t read no hater
Why can\’t we just both wake up, make up
This fake love is something I can\’t hold
We get tough and then touch and then you gotta go
All this sex, it gave me rich and I can see my bones
Fuck your ex, he just recruited me
I got the code, the code

3: Xevnebula
I got the codes baby
I\’m boutta unlock all your fucking damn doors baby
You said you love me but I swear I love you more baby
You want me pull up to the store and buy you more baby
But I just bought you that Birkin and that Dior baby
You know that I cannot play you just like a whore baby
Take you around the world, hop on my fucking tour baby
I wanna see you moshpitting up on the floor baby
And fuck them other gangs, you know that it\’s Galores baby

: Menasce
This sounds easy and I might go course baby
Ain\’t you that girl that been on Forbes baby
You was in town shootin\’ last week
So I told you push for me
For me, for me, for me
Said fuck no bitch, you buggin\’
Gotta send a rack or we ain\’t doing nothing
Bitch get back cause you cheaper than a muffin
Cause the million dollar bitches on here fuckin\’
Nah I\’m really fucking Lord, it\’s a million dollar bitch
One phone call and they running to the Kids
Kid Lord, Kid Lord 316
Kid Lord, Kid Lord sing that shit yeah

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