Gavin Gilson – TOXIC Lyrics

TOXIC Lyrics

Gavin Gilson
INTRO – Skizzy Mars
Ay, Skiz and Shooter
You know the vibes
(Shooter made it)

VERSE 1 – Skizzy Mars
My ex girl is healing, she say it\’s cuz of me
But I met that girl broken, to be honest, we both were
I used to do the zan, she be asking where the coke is
I think she did, enough blow for the both of us
My mom always wanted me to settle with a nice girl
But I always loved the crazy hoes
Laying at the bar, pity table
She deleted the homе video (yeah, ay)
I nevеr knew you were this nasty
Now we fool around in the back seat
I still can\’t remember body counts when they ask me
But it\’s still pounce til I die when they ask me

BRIDGE – Skizzy Mars
Look, I\’m still toxic, you still toxic
I may not be the one but we get it poppin
Right, we get it poppin
Ay, every single time
I\’m still toxic, you\’re still toxic
I may not be the one, but we get it poppin
Yeah, we get it poppin

VERSE 2 – Skizzy Mars
And these are Isabel Marant\’s not Birkenstock
For the few to numb the pain cuz it hurt a lot
Solutions outside of me don\’t tend to work a lot
Least when I go back to my city I be certified
I love the feeling when a hater gets notified
That I\’m shitting on they lives, in real time
These niggas ride the wave like they surf a lot
And I be setting trends til the day I die

OUTRO – Skizzy Mars
Skiz and Shooter

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