Gar Greatest At Rapping – Why I'm Smoking Lyrics

Why I’m Smoking Lyrics

Gar Greatest At Rapping
Why I\’m smoking so much mud? Cause soon I\’ll be going to jail
Why my pockets looking bulky and your pockets looking frail
You can\’t go to Ver\’s lab? Just have him send it in the mail
If the mud got you lightheaded you just forgot to exhale
My pockets looking like a whale, this beat samples a whale
Like he\’s on a flimsy ship, Ver struggling with the sales
You ain\’t never had to eat mice feet and rat tails
You was eating shredded wheat, all I had was snake scales
That mud I was selling was top of the line
Ver\’s lab is known for mud but did you know it also has wine
Black tar mud recipe I\’d tell you but it\’s illеgal to define
I\’m shooting mud up in my blood until I\’m on cloud nine
So many dеmons in my dreams that it shook me awake
Oh he selling fake mud on my block that\’s a big old mistake
He couldn\’t bread mud so LA Capone said he was fake
I was eating bed bugs Ver was sipping wine and eating steak
Saw the sale in Ver\’s lab and hopped on a plane
And I\’m eating mud Cheerios so I don\’t go insane
Injecting mud until it hurts or I can not use my brain
I was drinking engine oil you were drinking champagne
How\’d I go from marble to mud? Well let me explain
First few years were going great then it started to rain
Didn\’t get no bread i got distracted by a whore from Ukraine
They say money doesn\’t grow on trees, but it might grow from pain
I guess that\’s why I ran it up a lot
Why I\’m smoking so much mud? Cause it\’s the only thing I got
Why I\’m smoking so much mud? Cause it\’s way better than pot
Why I\’m smoking so much mud? Cause I\’m never getting caught
Why I\’m smoking so much mud? It\’s the first drug I ever bought
Why I\’m smoking so much mud?
Cause some things are better left forgotten
I\’m smoking vile mud yeah it\’s rotten
They ask me what I\’m doing, every time I tell them \”bitch I\’m plotting\”
I\’m establishing my name
In a world full of lames
Ain\’t no two days I been the same
Cause when this drops I\’ll have the fame
Growing up only dessert I ever had was poop pie
Oh you don\’t like 20prettyhusky? Yeah neither do I
Why did I say Ver was fake? I been learning how to lie
What to do when you feel sad? Go outside, stare at the sky
Why I\’m smoking so much mud? Cause it compliments the flies
Why I\’m smoking so much mud? Cause it muffles all the cries

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