Gaming All Star Rap Battles – Superman 64 vs Big Rigs Lyrics

Gaming All Star Rap Battles

Gaming All Star Rap Battles
Battle 41
Battle of the Trash
Superman 64 vs
Big Rigs
Press Start to begin

1: Superman 64
There\’s no time to waste, prepare to feel the pain I bring
Winning this will be as easy as missing my rings
You\’re wasting my time, so I\’m stopping the bars
You know I make a living throwing you punk ass cars
Big Rigs? Suck my big dick! I\’m leaving you torn
This super-bland Superman will un-stick you from the floors
Top of the line graphics ought to make you unhinged
\’Cause your rhymes fall right through just like your bridge

2: Big Rigs
You think you got speed? Watch me back up in this bitch
You can fly around the world? You\’ll twitch in a glitch!
Build a bridge and get over it, I\’ll fall right through it
Don\’t come near my glitchy game unless you wanna feel sick
This motherfucking trucker\’s warning you should heed
Unless you wanna get slammed by my infinite reverse speed
You\’re not winner; flying through fucking rings
You\’re as brain-dead as the other driver… (Car Crash)

3: Action 52
Lights, Camera, Action! 52, the best game has arrived
From flying through McDonald\’s arches to controlling a baby that cries
All I see are clunky scraps of crap trying to rap
Try to battle me? You\’ll be kicked off of this choppy map
Loaded with your favorite games, mostly space shooters
I\’d rather play Alfredo or Jigsaw than you two losers
You call yourselves fast? Meet Micro-Mike, you damn bastards
I\’m worth 199 dollars, the action game master

4: The Cheetahmen
Jumping into this battle, we\’re the motherfucking Cheetahmen
And this time we don\’t need a jump glitch to win
52\’s mostly Space Invaders, we\’re the next Ninja Turtles
You bitches are just glitches, at least we get a sequel
If you wanna get through us, then you gotta rape an ape
We stomp your asses like you were a big ass Saddam Hussein
Our theme\’s pretty good, but our controls will surely break your Zen
You\’ve finally reached 52 So now… The Cheetahmen

5: Battletoads
It\’s Rash, And Zitz, \’Bout to pop these guys like Pimples!
We\’re actually decent out of all of you, we\’re winning this, it\’s simple
Give you giant fist, or giant boot, headbutt y\’all like a ram
Ow, Dude, you hit me, I can do that? Ain\’t this a bunch of crap?
Hit the Pause Button and you can\’t help but jam along
All of Action 52\’s controls are confusing and wrong
We come in hard and fast, like we were a wrecking ball
It\’s difficult defeating us like it is to dodge the walls

6: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Cowabunga dudes, Here comes the TMNT
We\’ll treat Rash and Zitz like any other blemishes, creamed
Cheetahmen? Battletoads? Man, the turtles are where it\’s at
Drown y\’all like us in the sewer, \’cause you\’re all just crap
52\’s expensive because he\’s probably about the wealth
You\’re more annoying than the beeper when we run low on health
Cheetahmen may have a sequel, but we got up to 3
Just like our NES game, we\’re impossible to beat

7: Hotel Mario and Link CDI
We gotta battle these pricks… Yes, and you gotta help us… Over there! Squadala!
You guys are so boring, so get ready for dinner
I can\’t wait to battle these shitty games, we\’re the winners
Mai Boi, You will die and if you think you\’re gonna win, you\’re wrong-oh
After we finish our verse, we\’re gonna bomb some Dodongos
CDI will C-U lose, more flow than spaghetti
We toast these toasts, so let\’s-a get ready
All these shitty games can\’t compare to our blow, son
So Mario, did these fools win? No? I won!

8: Atari ET
From the AVGN movie, it\’s the ET MC, pricks
Link, to talk to people, you stab \’em in the dick
Unlike you all, I just need five weeks to kick ass
Your games are uglier than my face, so this will end fast
I\’m an alien alias motherfucker with a brain, man
ET, phone home to victory, you\’ll be failing
Oh shit, I fell in a pit, Now I can never get out of here
You\’ll be followed with no escape! Shaking in fear

9: Ghosbusters
ET, shut the hell up because nobody even cares
We bring raps so hard, we\’ll leave you tiptoeing up the stairs
Need some rapping fuel? Just run over a gas tank
If you wanna beat this game, you better have some big bank
We proved the justice of our culture, fighting Stay Puft made of bananas
We even get more difficulty by fighting off living coffee cups
What we say to the CDI\’s dialogue? Yeah, that\’s lame
Conglaturation! You have been beat by a great game

10: Extreme Paintbrawlle
Extreme is right, Paintball that\’ll leave you needing diapers
You battle ghosts way less than fucking drunk drivers
Take a stroll through my glitchy land, t-bag you \’til you puke
\’Cause this is a war-zone, not a place for you fools
Wanna rumble in the desert? Well, I got a damn paintball army
Say what you want, we got better graphics than Atari
Put your hands up, bitches! You\’re all out the battle for good
Took you all down better than LJN ever could

11: LJN
You shouldn\’t talk, Paintbrawl, Not my fault you\’re all glitchy
I\’d rather play Duke Nuke Forever than your ass being bitchy
MC LJN, ruining all of your favorite classic movies
Play with my franchise if you like things loony and spooky
With my game-play, I made Freddy and Jason even scarier
You can ask AVGN, like him, I\’m coming in to bury \’ya
I wouldn\’t send you to the future \’cause no one will play you sharts
You guys are bigger failures than my console video art

12: The Angry Video Game Nerd
You know what\’s bullshit? The fact I\’ve made you gaming history
I\’ll LJ end you all, and R.O.B. this victory
I\’d rather eat buffalo shit than play you piles of crap
I\’d glove to fuck you up with a Nintendo Power bitch-slap
I doubt you Shit Pickles will appear in Game Informer
You guys were probably made by guys with mental disorders
Bugs Bunny Birthday Bash your fucking heads in, leave you listless
You\’re not on my wishlist, you belong in the 12 Days of Shits-mas
My fame is bigger than the pile of shit you\’ve created
Sonic \’06 is great compared to what you have all been rated
Lackluster? Please! Of horrid software, you\’re the chancellors
I made my movie on you all and left you bitches Cinemassacred What the fuck were they thinking?!

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