Gabe x Shy – Sassy Shooters Lyrics

Gabe x Shy

Ah, ?, deep in my ass
*Producer tag*
Damn, shawty, ay

: Gabriel <3
Spin on my block, get ya dick sucked
He wan\’ a quick fuck
I\’m tryna rizz up
When I see you, better keep that dick tucked
Put it in his butt
I don\’t give a fuck, I\’m a slut
I ain\’t a gangsta, I\’m a sassy shooter
What the fuck you hearin\’ from behind the computer
My dick gettin\’ hard, goin\’ large like a tumor

Oh that man in my DMs, he a groomer

: Shy
If it don\’t fart when you ride it
P-put the dick inside him, I forever wilin\’
I was in the cell gettin\’ fucked \’till I\’m cryin\’
Hit it from the back, Imma top, I\’m supplyin\’
One dick, two dick, three dick, four
Yeah, ya moan, yeah, I bust, yeah, I nut, yeah, I blow
Run away, then I\’m fuckin\’ on my dad and his bro
Here to show off my growin\’ dick, long like Pinocchio

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